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ACC112 – Governmental Accounting Made Easy

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CPE Credit Hours: 12

Field of Study: Accounting (Governmental)

Governmental Accounting Made Easy equips you with the tools you need to run the financial and accounting operations within your organization. This complete and straightforward manual covers a broad range of governmental accounting topics that fall under the Governmental Accounting Standards Board, and its recently revised financial reporting model. Boiling down the complicated details of governmental accounting into manageable essentials, author Warren Ruppel, a leading authority on governmental accounting, offers practical information in easy-to-understand terminology. Always practical and never over-technical, this helpful guide:

• Discusses basic accounting terminology

• Clearly explains fund accounting

• Covers the nuts and bolts of governmental financial statements

• Equips you to understand the reporting entity

• Discusses revenues from non-exchange transactions

• Helps you become conversant in various accounting topics.

The recently adopted reporting model for governments resulted in a radical change in the way governmental financial statements are presented. Suitable for professional managers, budget preparers, school boards, city councils, state legislators, and comptrollers, Governmental Accounting Made Easy, is your essential guide for a clear, concise, understandable explanation of government finances.

More Information

This is a self-study CPE course.
Program level: Basic
Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None Required
Minimum Final Examination Passing Grade: 70%
Maximum Time Allowed To Complete Program: One Year From Date Of Purchase