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BUS105 – Zone of Insolvency

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CPE Credit Hours – 10

Field of Study: Business Management and Organization


Approximately one-third of nonprofits (more than 450,000 organizations) function perpetually in the Zone of Insolvency, i.e., in financial distress, and approximately seven percent are completely insolvent. What is the impact of hundreds of millions of dollars given to charitable organizations that operate in perpetual financial distress? Do board members have an inherent obligation to keep nonprofit organizations in operation regardless of their financial condition, or their mission effectiveness? Ron Mattocks possesses the knowledge and authority that comes from many years of leadership and consulting in the nonprofit sector.

Zone of Insolvency shines a bright and urgent light on the real issue of creating financial strength across the whole spectrum of nonprofit organizations. This course confronts the brutal facts of financial self-examination in nonprofits and equips professionals with a framework for thinking about their organizational options that will lead them to move beyond resigned acceptance of perpetually living in the Zone of Insolvency. This course takes an honest look at the fundamental obstacles facing the nonprofit sector through case studies of organizations including:

1. United Way of America: Business or Charity

2. American Red Cross: Aggressive Stance Against Fraud

3. Allegheny Health, Education & Research Foundation: Toxic Growth

4. United Way National Capital Area: Right of Ownership

5. Electronic Industries Alliance: Dissolution Celebration

A rousing wake-up call to nonprofits of every size and background, this insightful course uniquely shows you how to rise above “business as usual” with practical, workable solutions to launch your organization out of the Zone of Insolvency and into financial viability.

This is a self-study CPE course.
Program level: Basic
Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None required
Minimum final examination passing grade: 70%
Maximum time allowed to complete the program: One year from date of purchase.

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