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BUS110 – Safeguarding Critical E – Documents

Course and Test – Close Out $ 63.00
Additional Hard Copy Test $  18.00
Additional Online Test $  18.00

CPE Credit Hours – 6

Field of Study: Business Management and Organization


A Motorola software designer is nabbed at O’Hare Airport with a one-way ticket to Beijing and thousands of pilfered electronic documents containing trade secrets.

A Texas physician loses hundreds of confidential hospital patient records when his laptop is stolen from his car.

WikiLeaks publishes tens of thousands of highly sensitive corporate, diplomatic, and military e-documents allegedly stolen by a lone Army private.

These are just a few of the sensational stories of catastrophic information security breaches that have made headlines in the past few years. So widespread has the problem become that official estimates place the annual cost of “information leakage” in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

Despite what you may believe about the integrity of your organization’s information security, you already could be hemorrhaging massive amounts of critical information without anyone—including your CIO and CTO—having the slightest idea it’s happening.

In Safeguarding Critical E-Documents, internationally recognized electronic document management and security expert Robert Smallwood identifies the sources of electronic document leakage in terms non-techies can understand, as well as the many threats to confidential e-documents across a wide range of digital platforms, including e-mail, instant messaging, mobile devices, cloud computing, and social networks. Then he offers proven solutions for proactively defending against each of those threats.

While Smallwood describes proven technological fixes that can be implemented right away, he is careful to explain why technology alone cannot fix the problem. Real e-document security, he explains, begins at the top, with clear, rigorously enforced Information Governance (IG) policies. Drawing upon his more than quarter-century of experience, he provides step-by-step guidance on how to establish a set of IG protocols appropriate to your organization and for developing an organization-wide program of total life-cycle security for critical electronic documents, from their creation to their eventual archiving or destruction.

Don’t let your organization become another casualty of intellectual property theft and information leakage. Read Safeguarding Critical E-Documents and discover how to assure the total security of your company’s confidential e-documents.

This is a self-study CPE course.
Program level: Basic
Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None required
Minimum final examination passing grade: 70%
Maximum time allowed to complete the program: One year from date of purchase.

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