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BUS114 – Big Data

Course and test – 1 Left $  99.00
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CPE Credit Hours: 10

Field of Study:  Business Management and Organization

We live in interesting times–we’ve never been so data rich yet insight poor. We’re so awash in data that we’ve invented new computing paradigms and systems merely to keep pace. The new normal is strange, and the disruption big data analytics implies will shake industry, society, and even our day-to-day lives.

Businesses that embrace this new way of thinking will survive. Those that don’t will perish. In this epoch of rapid change, failure to capitalize on the value that lies in data is perilous–the future is now and it demands action.

This course “Big Data” brings an urgent voice to the need for businesses to embrace a new way of thinking and provides practical instructions on using big data analytics to support innovation throughout your organization.

With an insider’s view into the reality of what businesses are doing and what is possible with the right approach, this course links big data to innovation and differentiation. This groundbreaking approach will help IT managers and executives learn faster, act faster, act smarter, and more to compete and survive.

Taking a hands-on approach, this playbook addresses not only the practicalities of big data and analytics but also the culture that needs to exist to be successful.

Answering the questions often asked, this guide outlines how to:

  • identify opportunities,
  • assemble teams
  • hire new specialists
  • cultivate the proper mindset to create a corporate incubator for data   analytics progress and success
  • and design solutions that work in the real world.


This is a self-study CPE course.
Program level: Basic
Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None required
Minimum final examination passing grade: 70%
Maximum time allowed to complete the program: One year from date of purchase.

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