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DET635 – Balance Sheet: Reporting Liabilities

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CPE Credit Hours: 3

Field of Study: Accounting

Publication date: July 2019


This course discusses the accounting, reporting, and disclosures associated with both current and long-term liabilities on the balance sheet. A liability is a legal debt or obligation that arises during the course of business operations. A current liability, such as accounts payable, is payable within one year. A long-term liability, such as bonds payable, long-term loan, and finance lease, is an obligation that is not due within one year of the date of the balance sheet.

This course includes items covered in ASC 210-10-45-5 through 45-12, Balance Sheet: Overall and 470-10, Debt: Overall. Topics cover loss contingencies, compensated absences, termination benefits, troubled debt restructuring, refinancing of current to noncurrent debt, callable obligations by creditors, issuance of bonds, calling debt, imputing interest on noninterest notes payable, environmental liabilities, and offsetting of liabilities.

More Information

This is a self-study CPE course.
Program Level: Basic
Prerequisites: Basic Accounting
Advanced Preparation: None Required
Minimum Final Examination Passing Grade: 70%
Maximum Time Allowed To Complete Program: One Year From Date Of Purchase